Monday, December 25, 2006

Ways of making one feeling better in flu

1. Have hot drinks available
2. different kinds of lozenges:
my personal ranking is :
NO. 1 Fisherman (quite soothing, but sometimes make your throat a bit itchy, my choice in this winter)
NO. 2 Dequadin ( plain tasting but brings some comfort)
NO.3 NinChiUm ( soothing and mild)
NO.4 Difflam ( good for those who want to get slim, make your appetitte down too)
3. Get a good laugh, brings the phlegm out
4. Go to the walkin clinics and use the microphone. Your pleasant hoarse sound shall lessen the day's workload as the clients will be scare away. ( Your colleague may wish to thank you)
5. keep exercising may help in speeding up recovery.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Miss Pullinger's Testimony

Just finished reading a book by Miss Pullinger about her life in Hong Kong. In the book, she decribed in detailed about a group of drug addicts living in Kowloon City and how Jesus’ salvation bring new life to them. It took me some time to finish it and it really give me joy and encouragement to read the amazing story of God’s work. Their story of transformation attracts me and I can see Christ’s light shone through these people who were thought to be stayed in darkness throughout their life which were miserably controlled by drug, violence, hatred and sorrow.

Miss Pullinger was born in America and had always wanted to be a preacher since her childhood. She come to Hong Kong by herself one day without much planning. Actually when she arrived in this little island, she had very few money in her pockets. But her faith keeps her in this strange place and she started her work in the most dangerous area of Hong Kong – the Kowloon City –where triads, prostitutes, robbers, the most unwanted peoples of the society stay. Her love and care to the drug addicts bring hope to them. She started telling them about the story of Jesus Christ and miracles happened one by one. A lot of them were able to abstain from drugs through prayers and start a completely new life. These teenagers was able to hold fast to Jesus’ promise and their change in turn affects their friends and the community of transformed youngster started to grow. They gather at night in Miss Pullinger’s place, singing , praying and having fun. They even had different kinds of classes, though most of these class cannot last long.

Throughout the years Miss Pullinger stayed in Kowloon city, homes for the reformed teenagers built up one by one. We can see God’s blessing on them and His kingdom spreading. Though there are moments of despair and inadequacy, but she turned to God and His help never stop to come to her.

Rom 10:9-11 你若口裡認耶穌為主、心裡信 神叫他從死裡復活、就必得救.因為人心裡相信、就可以稱義.口裡承認、就可以得救。 經上說、『凡信他的人、必不至於羞愧。』

Friday, November 17, 2006


I went to see an irish film last night with friends. Before that we had dinner in a small restaurant. We had bo zai fan with oyster cake but no beers. Tung choi is now available. It is served with peppers and fermented bean curds. Then we had a little walk in Temple street. Nearly bought some Huang Mei Diao but abandoned the thought as it is so old-fashioned. I woundn't have the patience to finish it. Then we come across a Pa Tei Panda which is very cute but again I was successful in refraining myself from buying. Haha.... I can try to draw one now.

Monday, November 13, 2006


A ~60 year woman come in. Her hand was amputed at her 30's. No operation was done at that time. To my amazement, the amputated end showed some signs of regeneration. There is tiny bit of finger nail on each finger tip that was cut down to the proximal phalanx at least! So the cells at the broken end is able to transform due to the injury. So is it possible there is some chemical in the body when applied to the amputated part the body, the part just regenerate like the broken end of tree and a new branch can be formed? Sounds like science ficiton.

St. Francis' Prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;

where there is hatred,
let me sow love;

where there is injury,

where there is doubt,

where there is darkness,

and where there is sadness,

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand;

to be loved as to love;

for it is in giving that we receive;

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned


in dying that we are born to eternal life.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

witnessed betrayal

She was betrayed by her husband,
sitting there in the side room,
her guiltiful husband beside her,
her angry eyes full of fire whenever she has to face him,
her eyebrows frown together,
tears run down,
I can see the pain torturing her whenever the event was mentioned,
Silence is my only offering.
Dear lord, please let your deliverance flow.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Give thanks

I have a delicious meal cooked by my Aunt Ying who come all the way from Australia. She shall stay till Feb. She's a nice and warm person who likes cooking a lot. This time we have shrimps and Vietnemese Pork. I now know the receipe of Vietnemese Pork. Hope to try it sometimes. I went to my Aunt Lin's home to have dinner. As usual, I took the wrong road and went to Cheung Sha Wan Street instead. However, I got some beautiful dresses there at very low price! Finally, I arrive there at 7pm. We chat along and watch TV. My father was also there. Aunt Lin told me the story so I save a lot time too. She's a good narrator, answering my questions patiently with appropriate repetitions.

Receipe of Vietnemese Pork

1. chop the pork with back of knife
2. soak it with sauce: sugar,salt, yulu and pepper
3. fridge overnight
4. fried the pork
5. serve it with lettuce

Dear Good Lord, Thank you for giving me a break !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


「你們所遇見的試探,無非是人所能受的。   神是信實的,必不叫你們受試探過於所能受的。   在受試探的時候,總要給你們開一條出路,叫你們能忍受得住。」   (哥林多前書 10:13)

Beatles said: "life is a big illusion".

Jesus said: " I am the life, the truth and the road"

Who shall you follow?

Monday, November 06, 2006

rose in my heart

a theme from a tv story in mainland - tear trace (modified)

In my soul's deepest part,
opens a rose,
I use the spring of life,
to water and culture it .
O,rose, the rose of my heart,
Only you last longer than heaven and earth,
stay with me for ever and ever,
stay with me for ever and ever.

In my times of sorrow,
you give me consolation,
In my times of joy,
you light up my life with grace.
O, rose, the rose of my heart,
only you last longer than heaven and earth,
stay with me for ever and ever,
stay with me for ever and ever.

Friday, October 27, 2006

a news story

Subject: 新聞故事>Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 09:14:44 +0800>>新聞故事——火燒臉後創業看透人生 好老闆武師出身>2006年10 月24日>>公司雖艱苦經營,吳仕德有信心可以捱過去。>>  > 一間小公司的僱主吳仕德,被女文員陳秀芳盜取近四百萬元,公司「由大變小」,廿多名員工裁減剩一人,他竟無怨無悔,展現寬大胸襟,饒恕了陳秀芳。傳媒連 >日來以「好僱主」來形容他,吳仕德自言當之有愧,皆因揭發「被穿櫃桶」事件後,他曾一度滿腔怒火,試過私下翻查陳秀芳的信用卡戶口、帶她返教會試探其品 >性……最後證陳秀芳受人欺騙,認清她本性真誠,加上基督教信仰的愛心,才驅使吳仕德毫無保留地寬恕了她。>  昨日法庭判決陳秀芳監禁二十個月,吳仕德感到很失望,在他眼中,為其打工十一年的陳秀芳,是個乖巧聽話的小女孩,「判坐監應該係罰一些壞人,譬如坐兩個月監出來又再犯案,那些應該要重判。可是她(陳)本質這樣好,為何不給她機會呢﹖」>   >這次事件,令吳仕德公司財政陷入困難,對他的心理及事業可謂「傷上加傷」,原來他的創業之路,是真真正正以「血和汗」換來的。>  八十年代在邵氏任武師>  > 八十年代初,吳在邵氏電影任龍虎武師,其後參加藝員訓練班,在亞視及無拍戲六年多,曾與很多明星結片緣包括鄭少秋、汪明荃等等。>   >一九八八年六月八日,吳參演一齣劇集,在拍攝一幕爆炸戲時,意外被炸傷,當時他正站在一堆炸藥旁,整個人如火球般,「成塊面皮甩晒」,吳憶述時仍猶有餘 >悸。結果他住院近一年,幸而臉上沒留下傷疤,還獲得二十萬元賠償,他有了這筆錢,開設成衣公司,生意蒸蒸日上,索性主動解除藝員合約,專心做老闆。>  「當時很嬲,想拉她坐監」>    可惜,人算不如天算,經歷九七年金融風暴、 >○三年沙士疫症,生意一落千丈,吳仕德曾經陷入極度絕望裏,「若不是信了主,可能早已自尋短見」。二千年左右,在女友的帶領下信了基督教,神所賜的平安,將他從絕望中拯救出來。>    > 正當以為最難捱的階段已過去,陳秀芳誤信舊同事急需錢打官司,竟將個人積蓄甚至公司白支票交給對方,令公司損失近四百萬元,多年的血汗錢不明不白地失去了,應如何面對呢﹖>    > 「當時真的很嬲,想即刻拉她坐監。但又回心想︰是否應該看清楚先﹖」個性衝動、直腸直肚的吳仕德,信了主後,變得平和不少。陳秀芳並不知道他已知悉事 >件,想了又想,不欲即時揭穿,吳跟朋友們商量後,決定先調查陳的信用卡戶口,發現她負債纍纍,顯然金錢並無落入她的口袋裏﹔吳仕德遂致電邀請她返教會, >「想試探她的反應,是用心去聽還是敷衍我,看看她是否有得教化的人﹔如果她很抗拒,一眼就看得出來」。>  宗教信仰試出真誠>    >某一晚,黎美嫻及毛舜筠等在台上講完見證分享,牧師呼召台下決志者,陳秀芳隨即站起來,決志相信主耶穌。想起平日斯文乖巧、沉默寡言的她,竟願意站起來, >在眾人面前決志信主,一直在旁觀察的吳,看見她的真誠,深受感動,內心頓時感到無限的喜悅,「那一刻即時原諒了她,既然她信了主,更應給她機會」。>   至此,吳才當面詢問陳秀芳有關偷錢一事,「她即刻認了,哭 >說她也是受害人,很同情她」。陳秀芳自首後,吳曾到陳家裏探訪,在法庭上,陳父向他道歉,吳反而勸他不要介意,「既然要寬恕,就不會覺得自己唔抵。」>  坐監不代表就此玩完>     >在陳秀芳判刑前一晚,吳仕德向本報記者說﹕「即使判了監,也不代表人生就此玩完,她仍可以站起來再行過」,吳依然等待陳秀芳的歸來,繼續為他打工。不過,吳也坦言經一事長一智,以後對公司的帳目會「睇緊 >」,更不再簽定空頭支票了。 >   >公司搬進新地方,面積不及以前的一半,面對往後的路,吳仕德滿有信心,確定繼續咬緊牙關熬過去,「交託給神,一切都會平安」。>  記者周芷鈺>

Monday, October 02, 2006

retreat camp

Our church has the retreat this weekend for 3 days. Before going to the camp, I was quite tired and my mind is in a state of conflict. My emotions was not released. Though a lot of kind person show their willingness and lent their ear to me, I just cannot expressed the anguish the I was in fully. Finally God give me 1 hr in total solitude where I faced Him silently and as comfortable as in my bedroom. There I shed my tears in silence and pray for His healing power to recover me from my distressful mind. I felt the peace He give me. In the next 2 days, I hear sermons of the united fellowship in Christ. We pray together for our Lord to guide us in our life. I finally find words to express myself. We worship and share. I particuarly have chance to pray for a sister for her to have the wisdom to give good advice and give enough space for others near her to live as freely as God had designed him to live. And, of course, there is one who pray for me. My prayer is that I can withold humiliation and have tolerance , and also , to have the courage to give out good advice.