Monday, December 25, 2006

Ways of making one feeling better in flu

1. Have hot drinks available
2. different kinds of lozenges:
my personal ranking is :
NO. 1 Fisherman (quite soothing, but sometimes make your throat a bit itchy, my choice in this winter)
NO. 2 Dequadin ( plain tasting but brings some comfort)
NO.3 NinChiUm ( soothing and mild)
NO.4 Difflam ( good for those who want to get slim, make your appetitte down too)
3. Get a good laugh, brings the phlegm out
4. Go to the walkin clinics and use the microphone. Your pleasant hoarse sound shall lessen the day's workload as the clients will be scare away. ( Your colleague may wish to thank you)
5. keep exercising may help in speeding up recovery.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Miss Pullinger's Testimony

Just finished reading a book by Miss Pullinger about her life in Hong Kong. In the book, she decribed in detailed about a group of drug addicts living in Kowloon City and how Jesus’ salvation bring new life to them. It took me some time to finish it and it really give me joy and encouragement to read the amazing story of God’s work. Their story of transformation attracts me and I can see Christ’s light shone through these people who were thought to be stayed in darkness throughout their life which were miserably controlled by drug, violence, hatred and sorrow.

Miss Pullinger was born in America and had always wanted to be a preacher since her childhood. She come to Hong Kong by herself one day without much planning. Actually when she arrived in this little island, she had very few money in her pockets. But her faith keeps her in this strange place and she started her work in the most dangerous area of Hong Kong – the Kowloon City –where triads, prostitutes, robbers, the most unwanted peoples of the society stay. Her love and care to the drug addicts bring hope to them. She started telling them about the story of Jesus Christ and miracles happened one by one. A lot of them were able to abstain from drugs through prayers and start a completely new life. These teenagers was able to hold fast to Jesus’ promise and their change in turn affects their friends and the community of transformed youngster started to grow. They gather at night in Miss Pullinger’s place, singing , praying and having fun. They even had different kinds of classes, though most of these class cannot last long.

Throughout the years Miss Pullinger stayed in Kowloon city, homes for the reformed teenagers built up one by one. We can see God’s blessing on them and His kingdom spreading. Though there are moments of despair and inadequacy, but she turned to God and His help never stop to come to her.

Rom 10:9-11 你若口裡認耶穌為主、心裡信 神叫他從死裡復活、就必得救.因為人心裡相信、就可以稱義.口裡承認、就可以得救。 經上說、『凡信他的人、必不至於羞愧。』