Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Meditation on Jesus

Just before Jesus went for crucification,
he goes to a place called Kesimany with
his 3 disciples, John, James and Peter to
pray. There he meditates what is going to
happened to him and his heart is filled
with anguish and anxiety. Sweat come down
from his head and he frowns hard in pain,
yet he pray to God that His will be done
on him. His 3 disciples began to doze into
sleep while praying. Jesus come to them 3
times and see that they cannot keep their
eyes open. Though he know that they shall
betray and desert Him soon, he still asked
them gently to keep awake and pray with
him. After that He knows that the time for His
biggest mission on earth has come and He
accepted it with peace. The excessive
demand in work from time to time due to my
limitations and weakness cause me a lot of
anguish and anxiety too. To me, the stress
of work,family, interpersonal conflicts is
the cross I need to bear now. The disciple
respond to Jesus's situation with praying
.However, their flesh is weak and they
frequently cannot resist from dozing off.
So how are we able to get close to Jesus
in order to know Him and walk with him? My
interpretation is that We need to continue
to bear the cross with our best effort and
pray for each other.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flower exhibition in Victoria park

This year's theme flower is Geranium. There are many different stalls. One particular spot exhibits herbal medicine that are possibly useful for treating cancer. A lot of space is used for artistic exhibitions. I stopped in one station where there are many cactus. Some are very chubby indeed. Most of the cactus is put in pot with pebbles . One pot of cactus looks like a piece of tumor . Another one is like being cut out from stone. I also saw a peculiar plant which can eat insects. It grow on tree trunks and need to be showered often.