Sunday, October 07, 2007

house warming and eternity

At last had house warming with friends. We had a wonderful time together, singing and having good food to our hearts' content. Thank God for the precious moments! Life is short,
soon these happy times shall become our memory. Our youth and vitality will no longer last, however, we have new hope as Christians. 基督徒評論家及神學家F. W. Boreham說:「有一天,我短暫的人生將沒入黃昏,日落時刻也要來臨……到那時,在暮靄之中,異乎尋常的黎明卻要在我面前展現。在日落的最後一道光線之後,將有我從未見過的白晝升起;那一天將把我失去的歲月悉數追回,而且永不再有黃昏。」